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Established in 1972, in Roswell, New Mexico, Innovation Industries began by offering  a product that would quickly set a new world standard for elevator passenger protection devices – The Duo-Path® 1004 infrared photo electric eye. Since then, Innovation has grown to become a premier elevator products company offering fixtures and accessories. All of our elevator components are manufactured in North America.

Paul Horney IV 

Paul Horney, President

Paul E. Horney IV's involvement with Innovation Industries dates back to 1996. He has held the position of CEO since January 2000 and President since January 2007. 

Paul is a registered professional engineer with a BS in electrical engineering from New Mexico State University and a MBA from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.  Prior to joining Innovation, Paul worked as a project engineer for El Paso Natural Gas Company, specializing in plant automation and power systems. Today, he is active in many industry and community associations.

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