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Bar Buttons

Basement Elevator Bar Button

Bar Button

 5" Button, Engraved Plastic
Bruiser Elevator Bar Button Bar Button
5" Bruiser Button,
Red Illuminated Jewel
Lobby Engraved Plastic Elevator Bar Button Bar Button
4" Button,
Engraved Plastic
Lobby Inlay Elevator Bar Button Bar Button
4" Button,
Engraved Paint Filled Metal Inlay
Spa Level Elevator Bar Button Bar Button
4" Button, Cut Through Epoxy
Filled Metal Inlay
Lobby Inlay Elevator Bar Button Bar Button
5" Bruiser Button
Engraved Metal Inlay
Concourse Bar Button Bar Button
5" Bruiser Button
Cut Through Metal Inlay

Innovation Industries offers a complete line of elevator bar buttons that are compliant with the ADA (American Disability Act).  We have several designs that incorporate the highest quality state of the technology to meet all of your elevator fixture needs. “Brilliant, colorful and creative” describes all of our buttons! Exclusive Multi-Volt Technology combined with thebrilliant, evenly distributed LED lamp illumination; make these bar buttons the first choice for appearance and function.

Features include:

Multi-Volt Technology

• Five ultra-bright LED color choices of amber, white, green, red, blue

• Muntz, bronze, mirrored or brushed stainless steel

• Available with illuminated cut out inlay for identifying special floor levels

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SA Compliant