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The Heavy-Duty Champion

Everything about the Bruiser Collection of fixtures is extremely tough and ideal for commercial elevator installations. Our exclusive push button, incorporating a mushroom design, seats against the faceplate to virtually eliminate damage to internal studs or contacts. Each push button is machined from #302 stainless steel for unequaled strength and durability. The bright red round illuminating jewel projects from the top of the button for maximum brightness, presenting a 360 viewing angle. The Bruiser Series is an ideal choice for rugged, unmatched strength and durability.

Car Station Features as shown:

  • #4 Brushed 304 Stainless Steel
  • Square Braille
  • PB-23, PB-24 Push Button (also available with PB-25, PB-26, PB-27, PB-28, PB-43, PB-52, PB-53, PB-54, PB-55)
  • Emergency communication system/hands-free ADA telephone

For additional options, see:
Push Button Options

Metal Finish Options

ADA Compliant, ANSI A17.1 Compliant, CSA

Available Braille Options
Round, 1.375 diameter
Square Braille Push Button Square, 1.25 square

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