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Custom Elevator Fixtures

One-of-a-kind Custom Fixtures.

Standard Car Stations.

New Installations.


When Our in-house design and engineering staff combined with our CNC and laser manufacturing equipment build your project to the highest tolerances and exact specifications.  Innovationís customer service representatives know your business and with the fastest lead times in the industry, you can understand why so many OEMís, service companies, architects and building owners turn to Innovation. 

Choices. Quality. Solutions.

  • Custom etching
  • Custom sandblasting
  • Custom metals and finishes
  • Custom edge treatments
  • Custom metal stacking techniques
For complete options, see:
Push Button Options

Metal Finish Options

ADA Compliant, ANSI A17.1 Compliant, CSA Compliant

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Custom In Case of Fire Use Stairway Elevator Hall Station

Custom Do not use stairs Elevator Hall Station

Custom Elevator Car Lantern Custom Elevator Car Lantern Custom Antique Brass Elevator Position Indicator

Custom Hospital Service Elevator Hall Station

Custom Braille Elevator Floor Marking

Custom Emergency Stop Keyswitch

Custom Oval Surround Keyswitch

Custom Emergency Stop Keyswitch

Custom Cut Through Elevator Position Indicator

Custom Digital Engraved Elevator Position Indicator

Custom Appendix Elevator Hall Station

Custom  Digital Elevator Position Indicator Custom Direction Arrow Elevator Lantern