Innovation Industries Inc, Elevator Fixtures & Push Buttons

FAQ - Dimensions & Mounting Studs

Do you have any screws longer than 2”?

No, the longest screws we stock are 2.00” long.

How deep is an Innovation pushbutton?

Traditional style pushbuttons require a minimum clearance of 2.00” deep.
Innovation I-Line? pushbuttons require a minimum clearance of 1.125” deep.

How deep is an Innovation keyswitch?

With the exception of the flat fire service I-Line? keyswitch, our standard barrel-type keyswitches require a minimum clearance of 2.75”. Custom made and specialty keyswitches vary.

How deep is a surface-mount hall station?

Innovation I-Line? fixtures mount flush to the wall, and project 1.375” from the surface.

How deep is your standard wall box?

Most standard fixtures mount to wall boxes that are 3.50” deep.

How can I add a keyswitch if I don’t already have mounting studs?

If you can use one of our standard barrel-type locks, and if the box is at least 2.75” deep and if there is sufficient room for the device on the faceplate, our PB13 style keyswitches will mount quickly and easily even if there are no factory weld studs. The only field modification required is to drill a round hole .75” in diameter. The kit will come with adhesive-backed anti-rotation plates for either horizontal or vertical mount, and a surface-mounted 1.375” diameter escutcheon for identification. These are available on-line in the Parts Department.

Do you have any pushbuttons that don’t require mounting studs?

No, at the current time, there is no way to add one of our pushbuttons without also providing welded studs to which to attach it.

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