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Pinnacle Elevator Accessories

The Top of the Line.

The unique frosted appearance and ultra-brilliant illumination make these the Pinnacle of all elevator push buttons.

Car Station Features as shown:

  • #4 Brushed 60/40 Muntz/Bronze
  • Round Braille 
  • PB-36 Push Button (also available with PB-37)
  • Emergency communication system/hands-free ADA telephone

For additional options, see:
Push Button Options

Metal Finish Options

ADA Compliant, ANSI A17.1 Compliant, CSA

Available Braille Options
Round, 1.375 diameter
Square Braille Push Button Square, 1.25 square
oval surround braille push button Oval surround*
* PB-1, PB-2, PB-3, PB-13, PB-21, PB-29, PB-30, PB-31, PB-33, PB-35, PB-36, PB-37, PB-39, PB-44, PB-45, PB-47 only

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Pinnacle COP Elevator Car Station Fixtures
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