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FAQ - Pushbuttons

How can I tell what style of pushbutton I have?

Here is a chart showing our different pushbutton styles. If your pushbutton is mounted in a traditional wall box, it will be attached to male weld studs two inches (2.0”) on center. If it is in a surface-mounted housing, the housing projects 1.375” from the wall, and the stud pattern is diagonal.

View or Download Pushbutton Styles Chart - 381 kb pdf

What is the stud pattern for your conventional pushbuttons and keyswitches?

How many kinds of pushbuttons are there?

Innovation Industries, Incorporated currently has seven standard series of pushbuttons, making 34 different styles, each of which comes in choice of two mounting patterns.

Do these pushbuttons come in other colors?

Multi-voltage LED pushbutton and indicator boards come in your choice of five illumination colors: amber, blue, green, red and white. Amber most closely resembles the appearance of incandescent PSB type lamps common in many existing fixtures, so it is our shop standard on almost all new fixtures. Orders for vandal-resistant Security Series and Bruiser Series pushbuttons commonly use red illumination. Special order illumination color is always available, so don’t hesitate to ask for one of the other colors if you want to change, or you are trying to match an existing job.

Do these Security pushbuttons come in other finishes?

While mirror finish is the shop standard, Security Series pushbuttons are also available with a satin (#4 brush) finish.

How deep is an Innovation pushbutton?

Traditional style pushbuttons require a minimum clearance of 2.00” deep.
Innovation I-Line pushbuttons require a minimum clearance of 1.125” deep.

Do you have any pushbuttons that don’t require mounting studs?

No, at the current time, there is no way to add one of our pushbuttons without also providing welded studs to which to attach it.

Can I convert my standard pushbuttons to Security style?

In some cases. Any Universal Series round pushbutton will convert to any round Security style with the same stud pattern. However, Universal square pushbuttons have mounting holes 1.375” square, making them larger than their 1.250” square Security style counterparts. Decorator pushbuttons have no equivalent Security style.

Can I replace my standard Universal or Security pushbuttons with Bruiser buttons?

No. Bruiser Series pushbuttons have a smaller hole diameter and require a special counterbore on the surface of the panel.

Where can I get a wiring diagram for my Innovation pushbuttons?

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