We stock certain Chicago 2252 double-bitted flat key switchlocks, the Medeco medical emergency switchlock for Massachusetts, Schindler AS100, Rhode Island WD-01 and various Yale fire service keyswitches. Yale fire service keyswitches are available in key codes 255 (White Plains, New York), 2642 (New York City) and 3502 (Maine and Massachusetts). SC1000 fire service keyswitches for South Carolina are available by special order. Contact the Parts Department to order these items.

How can I add a keyswitch if I don’t already have mounting studs?

If you can use one of our standard barrel-type locks, and if the box is at least 2.75” deep and if there is sufficient room for the device on the faceplate, our PB13 style keyswitches will mount quickly and easily even if there are no factory weld studs. The only field modification required is to drill a round hole .75” in diameter. The kit will come with adhesive-backed anti-rotation plates for either horizontal or vertical mount, and a surface-mounted 1.375” diameter escutcheon for identification. These are available on-line in the Parts Department.

Do you sell extra keys for my keyswitch(es)?

Spare keys for key codes EX511 through EX519 are sold by the dozen on this site. Go to the Keyswitches section. Keys for more key codes can be ordered direct from the factory, subject to normal minimum order policies. Contact the Parts Sales/Customer Service department at https://www.innovationind.com/ or call us toll-free at 800-843-1004.

How can I find out the key code for my keyswitch?

If it is a barrel-type lock, the key code is usually stamped on one of the flat sides of the lock cylinder. Open the panel so you can see the back of the keyswitch. You may have to remove the rotary switch and the hex nut. Typical codes would be 513, 514, 515, etc.

If it were a custom-ordered barrel-type lock, the code will not be stamped. The factory stocks keys up to key code EX 529, and you may want to order some keys to try in it. There may be other numbers on the back of the panel that would help to identify the parts. Contact a Customer Service representative for assistance.

Can I get a different key code for my keyswitch?

In most cases, yes. Look on the following chart and find your current lock. Under that picture are all of the key code choices available. If you don’t have a lock of this style, contact a Customer Service representative for available options. 

Download Lock Cylinders with Plastic Tab Removable Rotary 

Why doesn’t my fire service keyswitch work (a.k.a.: Is my fire service keyswitch defective)?

Here is a chart showing the contact arrangement for the many different switches we use. There is a cross-reference from the manufacturer’s part number printed on the switch to our internal part number. Match your switch with the chart, and check it with a meter. If it tests out per the chart, it is not defective. However, your controller may need different contacts than the switch provides. Compare your controller schematic with our other switches to find one that better suits your needs. If you still have questions, contact the Customer Service Department for assistance. 

Download Removable Rotary Specifications