Surface Mount Hall Stations
• 16 Gauge faceplate. • Three (3) standard metals available (stainless, muntz, bronze)• Three (3) standard finishes available (#4, #6, #8)• Variety of fasteners available (button head, spanner head, torx)• Innovation barrel key “EX Series” keyswitches• Engraving or flush mounted information plates available.• Available with any of our pushbuttons / braille combinations
Available Options
• Digital Position Indicators
• Prewired
• Custom Engraved Logos
• Fire Evacuation Pictographs
• Engraved Floor Maps
• Painted Finish
• Oxidized Finish (muntz or bronze)
• Mounting provisions for customer supplied items
• Card Readers
• Intercoms
• Elevator Communication Failure
• Fire Service
• Hoistway Access
• Customer supplied devices
Sales Department
Tom Thompson Director of Sales & Marketing
Andrew Ryan West Region Sales Manager
Paul Jacobs Southeast Region Sales Manager
Jeff Kneuer Northeast Region Sales Manager
Ray Buford Inside Sales Manager
Cody Bird Sales
Jake Tyler Inside Sales Supervisor
Location Surveys
If you do not have access to a computer at the job site, you may in advance access the forms as PDF's, print them as hard copies and manually enter your data on-site.

Budget Request - 180 kb pdf
Site Survey - 731 kb pdf
Swing Return Survey Sheets - 36 kb pdf
Mini Swing Survey Sheets - 65 kb pdf
Mod Survey - 489 kb pdf