Surface Mount Hall Stations
• 16 Gauge faceplate. • Three (3) standard metals available (stainless, muntz, bronze)• Three (3) standard finishes available (#4, #6, #8)• Variety of fasteners available (button head, spanner head, torx)• Innovation barrel key “EX Series” keyswitches• Engraving or flush mounted information plates available.• Available with any of our pushbuttons / braille combinations
Available Options
• Digital Position Indicators
• Prewired
• Custom Engraved Logos
• Fire Evacuation Pictographs
• Engraved Floor Maps
• Painted Finish
• Oxidized Finish (muntz or bronze)
• Mounting provisions for customer supplied items
• Card Readers
• Intercoms
• Elevator Communication Failure
• Fire Service
• Hoistway Access
• Customer supplied devices
Sales Department
Tom Thompson Director of Sales & Marketing
Andrew Ryan West Region Sales Manager
Paul Jacobs Southeast Region Sales Manager
Jeff Kneuer Northeast Region Sales Manager
Jenny Alonso Sales7:30-4:00
Ray Buford Inside Sales Manager
Cody Bird Sales8:00-5:00
David Boswell Sales7:30-4:00
Ashley Cook Sales8:00-5:00
Dalton Day Sales8:00-5:00
Suzanne Day Sales8:00-5:00
Joseph Grant Sales7:30-4:00
Keith Mainhart Sales7:00-4:00
Sarah Floyd Sales8:00-5:00
Jeremy McBride Sales8:00-5:00
Josh McLeland Sales8:00-5:00
Ashley Regier Sales7:00-4:00
Charles Schembra Sales8:00-5:00
Travis Riggs Sales7:00-4:00
Cathy Storment Sales8:00-5:00
Jake Tyler Inside Sales Supervisor
Location Surveys
If you do not have access to a computer at the job site, you may in advance access the forms as PDF's, print them as hard copies and manually enter your data on-site.

Budget Request - 180 kb pdf
Site Survey - 731 kb pdf
Swing Return Survey Sheets - 36 kb pdf
Mini Swing Survey Sheets - 65 kb pdf
Mod Survey - 489 kb pdf